Saturday, September 19, 2009

I've been hearing a lot of talk amongst my friends and the people I meet at parties about being old. Okay, I hear ya, being old can be tough, right? This is of course when you're actually OLD. I start tuning out when I hear excuses about being too old to do certain things in your twenties. Come to think of it this talk bothers me at ANY age, but that's because I come from the firm belief that everyone is capable of great accomplishments through out their entire lives start to finish and a lot of which these can't be started, let alone done until you're "old" by some people's standards. So tonight when I got into a conversation at a friend's Birthday party in a dimlight day-glo bowling alley about being past prime before the age of 30 instead of giving 'em the normal you're never too old speech I sat there and listened and thought to myself you can't change the perceptions of others.

Fuck 'em.

Not literally of course. That would be unlady like.

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  1. Hey! I totally agree. I am sick of hearing people complain about their "age," when it's 26 or something. You're only one day older every day of your life. Nothing makes you too old for something the very next day. However, I think i have reached the end of wearing mini skirts. However, again, I never really wore them in the first place. Those people complaining better use it or lose it. I love to say that!