Monday, July 27, 2009


Yes, the window bars may seem a little depressing at first. I don't mind them actually. While not the prettiest to look at they function for security purposes. The house I lived in very briefly last summer, shortly after I'd left had a break in through the 2nd floor window in my very bedroom. Suddenly, window bars became appealing.

It's looking like there's a 70% chance of move in come August 15th. About 30% chance I'll run home screaming to my parents if I see a flotilla of cockroaches craw out of the ceiling which I am half expecting! Either way, I am fully committed to renovating the room. I have to keep remembering that the house is gorgeous and the neighborhood is close to a lot of neat coffee joints and food markets. The room gets a ton of sunlight too! As for the view the different building shapes are interesting to look at.

You can't see the room but the wall paint is set! It's just a cute curtain rod away from being finished. Okay, and maybe another double coat of wood work paint, and about 10 more floor washings with vinegar and ammonia away from really being finished!

I just have to think good thoughts, good good uncockroachy thoughts.

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